About Us

Welcome to AmigoEnergyRates.com! Amigo Energy is one of the oldest Texas retail electric providers, having been founded in 2003, only one year after deregulation in 2002. It currently supplies hundreds of thousands of Texans with electricity. The company's dedication to excellent Amigo Energy customer service and top-notch electricity plans are what keep the business moving forward.

Wondering if Amigo Energy is available in your area? There are a couple of ways to find out if you can sign up for Amigo Energy plans.

  1. Enter your ZIP code in the above field. Simply type your ZIP code in the box and a list of available electricity providers and plans will be sorted for you.
  2. If Oncor, TNMP, AEP North or Central, CenterPoint Energy or Sharyland Utilities is your utility, it’s likely that you live in an area served by Amigo Energy. However, the best way to know for sure is to enter your ZIP code in the appropriate box or call to speak to a knowledgeable agent.

Benefit from Amigo Energy customer service

Once you become an Amigo Energy customer, you can reap the rewards of partnering with this company:

  • Use My Amigo Energy, the online portal for Amigo Energy customers, or download the Amigo Energy mobile app to pay your bill, review past bills to compare your electricity usage, and receive alerts and important news from Amigo Energy customer service. The same user name and password work for both!
  • Rely on 24-hour Amigo Energy customer service via telephone. Any time you need advice about your current Amigo Energy plan or bill, call the local Amigo Energy phone number (713-881-8500) or the toll-free Amigo Energy phone number (1-888-469-2644) for support.
  • Pay your bill at more than 800 pay stations in Texas. Other payment options are available as well. For example, auto draft means you don’t have to remember to pay your bill each month. Instead, Amigo Energy automatically withdraws the money you owe from your checking account. That way you won’t miss payment deadlines or have to worry about late fees.

Call today to learn more! There’s no need to wait. If you’re interested in finding out more about this retail electric provider, talk to an agent who can get you the information you need to know.

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To speak to an energy specialist now, call 1-855-716-2436.