Get Commercial Electricity Rates for Your Business

Businesses of all sizes in Texas have the power to choose their own retail electric provider, such as Amigo Energy. Since much of the Lone Star State has transitioned to a deregulated energy market, businesses have the freedom to choose an electricity provider instead of automatically buying power from their utility. Thanks to deregulation, the industry now encourages competition among different energy providers, and businesses can shop for their preferred commercial electricity rates.

Learn how you can benefit from shopping business electricity rates

This competition between retail electricity providers, or REPs, is intended to drive down business electricity rates. After all, these energy companies are competing to provide you with power; they want your business. Comparing commercial electricity rates to find the best energy plan for your business is important. In many cases, businesses use more electricity than homes. With the wrong electricity service plan, you can lose money each year. As a business owner, the last thing you want is a large power bill eating into your revenue. On the other hand, the right commercial electricity rates can save you money so you can concentrate on the important things – such as running your business!

While shopping business electricity rates, keep in mind that price isn’t the only important part of an energy plan. Compare REPs, such as Amigo Energy, to find the one that best suits your needs. It’s also crucial to look at types of commercial electricity rates. You might choose a fixed rate that stays the same for the duration of your service. Another option is a variable rate that might change month to month based on supply and demand in the energy market. Green energy is another option to consider when shopping for commercial electricity rates, as many consumers prefer to do business with companies that make a commitment to the environment.

Shop with’s parent site is another good resource for learning about electricity deregulation in Texas. has information about retail electric providers serving the region, as well as other useful resources that can help you choose the right electric plan for your business.

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