You Have the Power to Choose Your Retail Electric Provider in Texas

In 2002, Texas lawmakers implemented Senate Bill 7, a piece of legislation that deregulated the energy market. In layman’s terms, most Texans no longer have to buy electricity from their utilities. Instead, many consumers now have the power to choose their own retail electric providers, also known as REPs. Dozens of REPs offer service in Texas, but Amigo Energy is one of the oldest electric providers in the state and serves hundreds of thousands of customers.

How it works

Instead of automatically signing up for electricity with your utility, Texans need to shop energy rates to find an energy plan. Here's how the electricity process works now. Electricity is produced by generators, then it enters the electric grid, which includes distribution stations and overhead and underground power lines. Electricity travels through the grid to Texas homes and businesses by way of your local transmission and distribution utility (TDU). That's why if you experience a power outage your utility will fix the problem. Between the generators and the utilities are the retail electric providers, which sell electricity plans to customers.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) are organizations that ensure the electric grid and the competitive energy market all run smoothly.

Go green

The Lone Star State uses an extremely large amount of power every year. After all, it covers a large amount of land and is home to 26 million people. Texas uses more electricity than any other state and unfortunately produces the most carbon dioxide as well.

However, Texans are making an effort to offset these carbon emissions. Passed in 1999, Senate Bill 7 required the state to fill the grid with a certain amount of clean energy each year. Today, Texas generates the most wind power in the U.S. Thanks to the power to choose, consumers can decide to purchase plans that ensure more wind power and other types of cleaner electricity get to the Texas electric grid.

Shop energy rates now

When you're ready to find a new electricity plan, it's best to compare energy plans – looking at the features and fees involved in each – and find the plan that fits your needs best., a partner of, is a good place to browse your options. Amigo Energy is a trusted provider that offers numerous benefits to customers, such as a mobile app and several different bill payment options.

Exercise your power to choose and shop energy rates on today. Call now or enter your ZIP code to learn which Amigo Energy products are available in your area. Agents are ready to help you choose which energy plan is best for you and your family.

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