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More than a decade ago, Texas deregulated its energy market so that residents have the freedom to shop around for great electricity prices, including exploring Amigo Energy rates and plans. Amigo Energy is one of several retail electric providers that serves the Texas area. Since deregulation, these retail electric providers, or REPs, compete for your business, giving you the power to choose the best energy plan for you. Instead of signing up for service with a utility, you can choose your favorite REP for electricity service.

Learn about fixed electricity prices from Amigo Energy

It’s important to know about your options from retail electric providers before you select an energy plan. REPs offer several different types of electricity prices. Two of these options are fixed and variable rates. Variable rates are subject to fluctuations each month. The energy market is volatile, meaning that prices often rise and fall due to changes in supply and demand. Variable rates can reflect these changes.

Fixed electricity prices are protected from fluctuation. Customers who select fixed energy rates lock in their electricity supply prices for the duration of their contract so they are not surprised month after month with varying supply rates. Amigo Energy is a good option to consider while you shop REPs. Residential Amigo Energy rates are fixed and come with one of two service terms: 12 or 24 months. Whether you select a one- or two-year contract, your Amigo Energy supply rates will be consistent during your service term so you have peace of mind.

Benefit from fixed Amigo Energy rates

Fixed Amigo Energy rates are perfect for families who prefer a more predictable electricity bill. Each month, your power bill will contain the same supply rate – any changes in how much you need to pay will primarily be a result of how much power you use. If you use more electricity than the previous month, you’ll see an increase. Obviously, if you use less energy, your bill will be smaller than last month’s. Being able to roughly predict your energy bill means you can better plan your family’s monthly budget. It also means you can better control how much you pay each month by keeping a closer eye on your electricity consumption.

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