Amigo Energy Rates: Check Out Availability in Texas

Amigo Energy services are an option for consumers all across deregulated markets of Texas. Amigo Energy is one of Texas’ oldest energy retailers, having been founded in 2003. The company’s inception came only one year after the implementation of electricity deregulation in most of the Lone Star State in 2002. Now, more than a decade later, most Texans can shop and compare Amigo Energy services. Thousands of customers in Texas trust their electricity supply to Amigo Energy, a member of the Just Energy group of companies, which serves more than 1.8 million consumers throughout North America.

Energy deregulation gives you the freedom to shop Amigo Energy rates

In 2002, Texas officials implemented electricity deregulation for many areas of the state. Previous to this legislation, regulated utilities controlled the whole energy process, from generation to transmission, and the Public Utility Commission set supply rates for consumers in their service areas. While there are still some municipally owned utilities and cooperatives that aren't deregulated, as well as areas outside of ERCOT, most Texans now shop for prices from different companies called REPs, or retail electric providers, to find an electricity plan. Amigo Energy is one of these companies, and if you live in a deregulated area such as Dallas or Houston, you can shop Amigo Energy rates.

Rates vary according to which utility service area you live in. Enter your ZIP code in the box above to compare Amigo Energy services available in your neighborhood.

Compare Amigo Energy rates

When shopping around, it's important to realize that energy prices are volatile, meaning they are prone to frequent changes. Electricity prices increase or decrease due to changes in supply and demand. These changes may be due to extreme weather when consumers use a lot of electricity or a stoppage in the supply of energy. This can lead to big differences in your electricity bill from month to month unless you have a plan with a fixed supply rate. Shop Amigo Energy rates and you’ll discover that the company offers fixed electricity prices for your protection.

These fixed Amigo Energy rates are set for the duration of your service contract. Whether your service period is 12 or 24 months, your supply rate for electricity will remain the same. Any changes in your monthly bill will primarily be a result of you consuming more or less energy than the previous month. This type of plan can really help you maintain your budget from month to month!

When you compare Amigo Energy services today, you just might find the right plan for your household. Enter your ZIP code in the appropriate box above to browse rates available in your city.